Eye for an Eye por Víctor Santos

Eye for an Eye por Víctor Santos

Titulo del libro : Eye for an Eye
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 15, 2015
Autor : Víctor Santos
Número de páginas : 168
ISBN : 1616556161
Editor : Dark Horse Books

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Víctor Santos con Eye for an Eye

Left adrift in arctic waters with a gunshot wound to the head, adrift in arctic waters, Christy White was rescued from an icy death by a mysterious man. She craved retribution, and he taught her how to get it--how to make sense of her past and how to kill. They tried to freeze her out, but they should have finished the job, because now she's back with a vengeance!

Collecting the second year of the bloody and beautiful silent webcomic by Victor Santos (The Mice Templar, Furious), this rage-fueled revenge story features new noir dialogue crafted by Santos for this edition.